Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't taze me bro...

even though I havn't updated in a while.
So here's whats been going on. Cyclo-Cross is in full swing here in New England. My second weekend of cross racing brought me to the New England Velo Cross and the Sucker Brook cross. Both of these races were great, and although they were both small in terms or field size, offered great courses and gave me the chance to do a double race weekend before Verge round 1 and 2 in VT, and I was able to put a little money in my poecket...5 for 5 this cross season in terms of getting paid by the way.
This past weekend Hannah and I made the trip to VT for the verge weekend. Eric was kind enouh to let us stay at his house, which was literally 10 minutes from the race. The racing was great, and it was a good chance to test myself against a UCI field early in the season. I was 16th both days, which is funny, because the courses were totally different each day. But hey, thats still well inside the Verge points, so the rest of the series should be a little easier with at least a reasonable start position in the UCI races.
On a much more lame note, I still havn't worked out anything concrete for next season. If anyone knows about any openings...let me know.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun, remember fun?

I raced my cross bike on sunday. It was awesome. A total change of pace from the stresses and strains of a full season of road racing. It was great to see some folks who I havn't seen since the end of last cross season, and I'm always amazed at how many people make cyclocross their primary form of competetive cycling. It's a whole different scene, different people, different places, different weather, no jerks...or less jerks at least, and beer.
The race was fun. I started off too fast and led the race for the first three laps or so, then totally imploded, and faded...then faded some more...then faded yet again, and wound up 5th. I was a little let down about how bad the wheels came off 30min into the race, but was equally pumped to walk away with a little cash in my pocket and covered with mud.
See you at some cross races!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mulkunda Feldmax.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I love the NJ turnpike!

So in a little while here I'm on my way out for the last road trip of the road racing season. Down through CT, NY, and of course NJ. All the way to Doylestown, PA, for the Univest Grand Prix. I'm pretty pumped up about the race, it promises to be pretty sweet, in that bike racing kind of way. Needless to say, the 28 will be used, speed hooks grabbed, and many a gel bag consumed. Perhaps along the way we'll stop to visit Deron in the Mt. Holly Econo Lodge, assuming he wasn't killed in a hail of gunfire during the police raid.
More importantly, my return on sunday effectivly marks the end of the road racing season and the switch to cross, which is sweet as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is here...

Well fall is seemingly upon us, and I couldn't be happier. The weather is getting cooler, road racing is winding down for the year, GMSR is over (unceremoneously so as it were), and cyclocross is just around the corner.
There is only one more hurdle to clear before I can hang up the tenspeed in favor of the knobbly tires however. Univest. This friday I'm headed out to PA for the univest grand prix, one of the biggest one day races in the country. Teams from all over the world are coming in for a throw down of epic proportions. It's going to be a tall order, but I'd like to have a solid ride. Who knows, maybe even a good result? I'm sure the field will be star studded, fast, and full of dopers as well, so it's gaurenteed to be a quick one. In fact, I believe that some recent Tour de France'ers are going to be in the house.
After univest, it't time for cross. In fact I've already started getting my bikes all squared away, and the race bike is going to be sweet. I've got the big rims on it...700c's with the deep dish carbon. Whut. Lemme check out them bikes son.