Friday, May 30, 2008

Had is in the Big Speed Ring

So the NJ trip has come and gone, and was full of event. The trip started out on friday afternoon with a sweet drive, which I was totally not pumped to do, but went better than I could have hoped for. I left the shop a few minutes after 6pm, and was determined to make the drive non-stop, and by 9:30 I was there. I could not believe it. No way did I just do this drive in 3.5 hours, on the friday before Memorial Day. Sweet.
The digs were plush, although quite crowded with 6 Kenda Raleighs and six Raleighs piles into one hotel suite. We managed to find everyone something soft to sleep on, and settled in for the night with the Hills of Somerset Road Race in the morning.
The Hills of Somerset is a great race, with full road to race on the entire time, full rolling enclosure, and one big 80 mile loop. The team was smart, and I personally felt great. I was saving my matches for the last half of the race when the climbing started to throw down some attacks. However, it was not to be. At mile 42, just over half way, and just before the days first big climb, i pinch flatted. Normally a swift wheel change would have had me back in the race, but the support car was busy as a result of the rough roads, and the change was about 4 minutes too late. Oh well. I took a short (long) cut back to town. There I ran into Colin, who had made minced meat out of both his bike and his thigh, and Sean who had flatted. We hung out, and watched the guys finish up. They allhad great rides, and I'm bunned I couldn't have been there in the final.
After a sweet BBQ dinner and a great nights sleep we had a relaxing day and headed over for the bound brook criterium. The racing was fast, and we got Sean in what we thought was the winning move. The move came back much to everyones surprise, and we came away with nothing more than a hard workout.
Monday was the Big Show. The Tour of Somerville. The Kentucky Derby of Bike Racing. Tremble stomped the cat 2 race in grand style with a late race solo attack. Beerman Smooshed his collar bone. I crashed twice. Sean and I finished the race. 5 year old kids handed us beers on the cool down lap. It was a scene. I have never seen a race with spectators who are so fired up to watch bike racing. And, to cap off an eventful weekend. I made the drive home in even better time than the drive down. I'm taking this weekend off from racing. Time to recharge with some good training, and nights in my own bed, and maybe even some fun, you know, fun, it's what normal people do on the weekends.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hey....I'm in New Jersey Over Here.

So it's been quite a while for sure. Things have been alright though. Racing has been going well, with the team throwing it down on a weekly basis and getting ready for the real racing season to begin. This weekend will be a huge test for the team as we're making the trip down to NJ for the Hills of Somerset Road Race, Bound Brook Criterium, and the Kentucky Derby of Bike Racing...The Tour of Somerville. The racing is going to be tough, and a great opportunity for some national level racing not too far from home.
In other news, I've been sick. In fact, the whole team got sick at Bear Mountain. Some sort of respritory thing or another had us down and out the following weekend, but Toby managed to not get sick, and kept it real for the team.
Look for us at the races soon in our new casual wear.

Monday, May 5, 2008