Monday, March 31, 2008

Marbles on the Brain

So the team was off to marblehead this weekend for the official start to the new england reacing season. We were ready for the speedfest that it was sure to be, and were ready for the moves as we weren't equipped to contest a no holds barred field sprint. The team rode well, representing the colors at the front almost all of the day. It lookes like we're off to a great season. And hey, even though we didn't come away from the race with any stellar results, everyone had good legs, and they are sure to come.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nothing but the Speed Ring

So racing us upon us. Last weekend the kenda boys had our pre season get together. It was pretty sweet. We met in Great Barrington MA on friday afternoon, did an easy ride, then made a bunch of dinner and just kind of hung out. It was great to get to know the guys outside of their kits. It seems like it's gonna be a great group, and Makunda is a killer host. Many thanks to him and his girlfriend for a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning we rose early and headed out to NY for the johnny cake lane road race. It looked pretty pro when we showed up with eight guys and a team van full of bikes. We raced well, and looked great. When it came down to it, we got 2 guys in the winning break. Toby was 2nd, and Jason was up there as well. Justin Lindine from target was super stron and won after attacking the break. We all agree he's not getting up the road solo anymore. Good ride on his part. After the race we did a few more hours of training and headed back to chez makunda for christmas dinner...(getting our new stuff.) The new Gear is sweet. Sunday morning was the team throwdown, and we threw down. No holds barred, thunderdome style dustup. Long drive home to follow. This weekend is Marblehead, watch out for Kenda/Raleigh to get it done. We're on good form.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trainer Time

Riding the trainer is more fun than a bag of clowns. I can't wait for the weather to warm up. The winter is starting to feel as if it isn't planning on coming to an end. This weekend marks the start of my racing season for 2008 as the Kenda/Raleigh boys are headed up to western MA for a team camp/get together and a bit of racing in New York. I'm excited to get together with the guys, do some training, grab the new gear, and pin on a number for the first time this year. My legs feel good, so who knows, could be a good weekend.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

NBX Blog

So the NBX shop blog is up and running. Check it out. We're going to use it to keep everyone up to speed with what's going on at the shop. Look to it for information on upcoming events we're involved with, product reviews, promotions, the occasional race report, and other ramblings and musings. You might even have a few laughs.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Im up at 5:10 in the morning to ride the trainer before work. I think I've lost it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Check out the shit I been ridin' on.

So...this is a follow up to the last post. I know it's been a while, but I've been busy. Doing what you ask. Well, taping over all of the logos on the mystery bike you see here. The new team bikes are soon to arrive, but since the good ol' crack and fail did in fact crack, and fail, something had to be done. A bike was borrowed, and some sweet customization ensued. I have to say, I never realized how many damn logos there are on a bike these days. It took hours to get this done. The only one I missed was on the back of the seatpost, but fortunatly my trusty seat bag takes care of that. Any guesses on what kind of bike it is?
In other news, things are going well. I sent the claim to the airlines, so hopefully I'll be seeing something in the way of a check from those guys in the near future. Riding is going well, and the last two weekends have been great, as we've been doing some early spring pick-up style races down at ninnigret. Both times there has been a good break, and both times the field has been lapped. Sorry guys, I'm just trying to get the training in. We've been meeting early and riding down, racing, and riding back. It's been good training. Other than that, I've been doing one or two more endurance rides each week, one long, and one three hours or so, as well as a lot of structured work on the trainer...sweet.
I set up my new BBQ grill today, and it looks ready for some action. I think this week I'll have to fire it up and grill some big ol' meats. Maybe a Turducken.

Saturday, March 1, 2008