Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waffle House or Bo Jangles...

So whilst in the south, I feel that it's only proper to indulge in some of the finer southern style food. Fast food that is, because I'm unemployed, have a pitbull, and am trying to be cheap. So...with that in mind, if anyone has any experience with fast food south of the mason dixon, give me some input.

Waffle house is first on the list. Next I've heard that the Bo Berry and Cinnimon Biscuits from Bo Jangals, are pretty damn serious as well. I'll report back.

Oh yeah, I raced my bike the other day. It went well, even with the 10h or riding time in the two days leading up to it. I made splits, attacked, got super wet in the rain. A good time was had by all, but that's all I'm writing about that. I mean who seriously wants to hear about bike racing when there's the humorous aspects of the south to dwell on.


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doublenickel said...

Scrapple is the breakfast food of choice in NC. With a big glass of milk, a few strips of bacon, country ham, biscuits and a sausage/cheese/tomato omelet the size of Greensboro.

Yeah, boy. Scrapple. Don't overcook it. Take it hot from the pan and flap a whole bunch onto your plate.