Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi...From the South!

Right now I'm sitting in a living room in Fletcher, North Carolina watching the snow fall outside the window. Normally, this would get me down, but no worries, today is a rest day. No bikes outside, perhaps a light spin on the trainer, we'll see how the day goes.
Anyhow, this year instead of heading west, I decided to venture south to do some winter miles in the warm weather, and some racing.
I've been here only a few days, but it has been awesome so far. Whileit's been cold down here, for local standards, I think its almost perfect. Not warm enough to tire you out, but not cold enough to force you to wear five coats when you're out training. The racing yesterday was fun, the guys down here are already going fast, a bit different than New England in February. After long hard days on thursday and friday, I came into the race yesterday with hard training in mind rather than racing for a result. I was happy to make all the splits and find myself in the small front group towards the end of the day. I put in a few attacks, but they were going nowhere fast with tired legs from three hard days in a row. But, things are looking good for the season. I feel good.

Talk to you soon

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doublenickel said...

Yo Southern Man:

It's 72 degrees and sunny here in RI. Sorry about the weather in NC..

OK...Not exactly: Yesterday I wore 9 hats and Jimmy P. had 2 windproof tights on his pins. Plus he had full-face fabric. My Wombat gloves were fully extended. We averaged 3mph and discussed how Jim felt.

Hope you get some good cycling in tomorrow..